Training Program

The training program of the DK consists of several parts: course program, seminars, minicourses, workshops, stay abroad, and soft skill training. These parts are detailed as follows.

Course Program

We offer a high-level Course Program with the aim to impart to the students a specialized knowledge in various aspects of PDEs. Please consult the section Graduation to find out the details concerning the ECTS requirements.

DK Seminar

The PhD students have to attend the weekly DK Seminar, where they report once per semester on their scientific progress. This includes also a feedback part, where the audience discusses the strengths/weaknesses of the talk as well as possible improvements.

Mini-courses, Workshops

The course program will be supplemented by mini-courses on advanced scientific topics relevant for the Doctoral Program. These are held by researchers which are invited through our Guest Program. Moreover, there will be workshops organized by faculty members of the DK. All activities will be announced on the webpage, see Scientific Events.

Mathematics for Industry Study Group

It is mandatory for the PhD students to participate to one of such events, which intend to transfer technology and knowledge between academic mathematicians and industry. They take place several times per year at various places; see and for the schedule.

Stay abroad

We strongly encourage long-term research stays (6-12 months) of the PhD students at partner institutes e.g. the University of Cambridge and the King's College London. The place and length of the stay will be arranged by the advisor individually with the student in order to fit best her/his needs.

Soft skill training

On the basis of the scientific education, the Doctoral Program offers a soft skill training repertoire. Both universities (TU Wien and Uni Wien) are offering courses on "Scientific writing","Presentation techniques", "Presenting in English", "Self-management" etc., which may be attended by the PhD students. At the Uni Wien workshops are organized by the Center for Doctoral Studies, a catalogue of soft skill courses at the TU Wien can be found here.