Practical Information

Here you find some information about living and studying in Vienna. We also recommend the webpage of the Center for Doctoral Studies (University of Vienna) for more details. A "Welcome Guide" for students of the Vienna University of Technology is available at the webpage of the International Office. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Registration as a PhD student

At the beginning of your PhD you have to apply for admission at the respective university within the official registration period. Once the admission is granted do not forget to register for the continuation of your studies each semester within the general admission period.

University of Vienna (Uni Wien):

Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien):

Living in Vienna

Although the living standard in Vienna ranges among the highest in the world, the average living costs are still at a moderate level (compared to other European cities).

Housing: In student houses prices range between 250 and 400 Euros for a single room (180 - 300 Euro for a double room). An alternative is to share a flat with other students (250 - 400 Euro for a single room). If you decide to rent an appartment on your own keep in mind that real-estate agencies often charge a bokerage fee of 2-3 monthly rents.

Here and here you find a list of links that may help you finding the right accomodation.

Registration as a resident: When you move to Vienna you are obliged to register with the authorities within three days. The registration can be made at any of the Registration Service Centres in the Vienna District Offices. For more information (required documents, adresses, fees, ...) we refer you to the official website of the city government. In case you need additional information or support when dealing with the authorities please contact us.

Public Transport: Vienna has a well-developed public transport network including underground lines, trams, buses and trains (see Wiener Linien). If you are a registered student and under the age of 26 we recommend you to purchase a semester ticket (75 Euro/semester), which is valid either from September 1 to January 31 (winter semester), or from February 1 to June 30 (summer semester) valid on all lines within the city (Zone 100). If you do not satisfy the requirements for a semester ticket there is still the possibility to buy a regular annual ticket (365 Euro/year), which also allows unlimited use of the public transport network within Vienna (Zone 100).

Learning German: At the University of Vienna German language courses can be attended during the whole year, see Sprachenzentrum Universität Wien. They offer special conditions for employees of the TU Wien and Uni Wien (please contact us for more information). In addition, the Vienna University of Technology offers lectures on "technical" German each semester (more information will be posted on this website as soon as available). Beside this, you can choose between a variety of language schools in Vienna, see for example German courses at IKI, DeutschAkademie or Alpha.
Regarding language course fees partial financial support will be provided by the Doctoral School for DK students at the Technical University. For further information please contact us.