PhD Graduation

The requirements for admission to the final defense of the PhD thesis comprise, in accordance with the general regulations of the universities, the following:

  1. Completion of positive reports on the PhD thesis by three referees (one internal and two external referees generally from outside Austria).
  2. Credit for at least 18 ECTS points from courses. According to the rules of the doctoral school at least 6 ECTS points of these have to be chosen from the five competence fields

    • Analysis of dissipation
    • Numerics of dissipation
    • Analysis of dispersion
    • Numerics of dispersion
    • Stochastic processes
    The regular participation to the weekly DK Seminar allows students to obtain 3 ECTS (once). Moreover, at least 9 ECTS points have to be obtained from either the Topical Lecture Series or the Guest Lecture Program. For more information, please consult our Welcome Guide.

    The required total amount of ECTS points varies depending on the institution, in particular:

    • University of Vienna: 25 ECTS;
    • TU Wien: 18 ECTS, of which:

      • At least 9 ECTS with lectures (VO, VU);
      • At most 6 ECTS with exercise classes (UE, PR);
      • At most 6 ECTS with seminars (SE, PV);
    • IST Austria: 24 ECTS (some restrictions apply: contact your advisor).
  3. Documented active participation in the seminars of the Doctoral Program as well as workshops, conferences, summer schools etc.

The thesis defense is public and takes part within the Research Seminar. It comprises a presentation of the research work of the candidate and a defense of the thesis. The external referees are invited to act as members of the examination committee.