DK Summer School - Weissensee 2015

Date: 22.-26. June

Location: Weissensee, Kärnten, Austria


The program will consist of two short courses:
  • Population dynamics
    Alexander Lorz, UniversitÚ Pierre et Marie Curie

  • Entropy- und Duality Methods for Reaction-Diffusion-Type Systems
    Klemens Fellner, University of Graz

as well as two talks
  • Asymptotic dynamics of a Cucker-Smale type model with delay and multiplicative noise
    Jan Haskovec

  • Simple mechanical cues could explain adipose tissue morphogenesis
    Diane Peurichard, UniversitÚ Paul Sabatier, Toulouse

Beside this there will be enough time for individual and cooperative work.

Although the summer school is primarily intended for students of the doctoral school, all members of the involved working groups are highly welcome!

Organizers: Christian Schmeiser (University of Vienna), Anton Arnold (TU Vienna), Stefan Schuchnigg (TU Vienna)

Accomodation: Hotel Regitnig, Techendorf, Weissensee

How to get there:

  • By train: Vienna - Greifenburg-Weissensee, see webpage of the OEBB.
    A pick up service at the train station Greifenburg will be provided, so please let us know when you arrive!
  • By car, see maps.

For further information please contact Stefan Schuchnigg.